Important Announcement:
Following Government Advice, The Alternative Adventure Centre is temporarily Closed to the Public, we will be contacting all customers who have existing bookings shortly.

COVID-19 Statement

We are currently closed due to COVID-19.

Bookings made for this period will be rescheduled or vouchers issued.

If you would like a refund as you will be unable to attend a future booking, please email [email protected] and we will process this when we re-open.

Following Government Advice, The Alternative Adventure Centre is Temporarily Closed to the Public, we will be contacting all customers who have existing bookings in the coming weeks, to reschedule their bookings. We also have our biggest ever sale on all our Gift Vouchers, which now also have a 12 month expiry date on them! There has never been a better time to buy a Target Sports Gift Voucher! We will be answering as many enquiries via Telephone, Email, & Social Media as we possibly can, please bear with us during this difficult time.

What are we doing?

All our staff have been advised not to attend work and to Self Isolate if they are displaying any of the virus symptoms.
Whilst we regularly sanitise all of our equipment, in recent weeks this operation has been increased, to help combat the spread of the virus (and any other infections) among our staff and customers.
We have Hand Sanitiser avaiable across all our areas for staff and customers to use, and we are actively encouraging the use of them.

Cancellations Policies:

Nerf Parties: We will be offering Partial Refunds (up to 30% of the total cost) to any existing or new party bookings where individuals invited have been unable to attend due to COVID-19 Self Isolation restrictions, full refunds will not be offered at this time, however bookings may be rescheduled, as per our normal Terms & Conditions.

Target Sports Experiences: We are offering a gift voucher refund to all bookings which have individuals attending who are unable to take part due to COVID-19 self isolation restrictions, these gift vouchers will enable the booking holders to return to us within 4 months to take part in their Target Sports Experiences. These vouchers will be non-transferable, and must be redeemed by the original booking holder.

Opening Hours:

Mondays: Closed,
Tuesdays: Closed,
Wednesdays: Closed,
Thursdays: Closed,
Fridays: Closed,
Saturdays: Closed,
Sundays: Closed

Recommendations for Customers:

Please do not attend any bookings at the moment, we will be in touch with you shortly.

We would like to remind all our loyal customers, we will be back as soon as reasonably possible, stronger and better than ever.

Stay Healthy

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Alternative Adventures

Target Sports Experience

1066 Target Sports is the Largest Indoor Target Sports Experience Centre in the Country, we have 6 activities to offer, we can cater for groups of all sizes and abilities.
Already an adventurer, and have your own equipment? why not take a look at our Lane Hire options!

Nerf Wars

We can cater for anything from Kids Birthday Parties, to Stag/Hen/Corporate Events in our purpose built Nerf Wars Arena. what are you waiting for?

Airsoft CQB Gaming

Looking for something a little more adventurous for that special event this year? Airsoft is the new Paintball! Why not see what we have to offer in our Airsoft CQB Gaming Arena.

VR Gaming

VR is an immersive experience, allowing users to experience any scenario without the risks involved, whether its sailing, scaling a skyscraper, or rock climbing, a VR party is an experience you wont want to miss.

Archery Tag

Enjoy Archery, and want to crank it up a little? you need to try Archery Tag! This thrilling game is bound to get the adrenaline pumping.

Rage Room

When an Axe can't quite solve all of lifes problems, enter the rage room! its a fun way to let off a little steam, and is a good opportunity to unleash the inner beast inside all of us.

Escape Room

Grab your team, and work together to solve the puzzles to escape the room.

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